Jadan Enterprises understands the needs of farmers by offering impressive hay handling systems that make light work of a difficult job. Save time and money with our hay handling equipment which is made with pride, Cowra NSW.

Whether you need presswheels, lamb feeders, vertical knives or hay handling equipment, all of our innovative systems have been designed by farmers to specifically cater for farmers throughout the country. Take the sweat out of handling big and square bales with Jadan Enterprises’ efficient bale systems.

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Hay Handling Equipment
Hay Handling Equipment
Quality hay handling equipment, including the big bale stacker, big bale chaser, small bale accumulator and small bale grab. 
Increase Your Germination Rates with Jadan Presswheels that will ensure a secure planting of the seed.
Vertical Knives
Vertical Knives
Durable lamb feeders for feeding large groups quickly with an increased daily intake.
Lamb Feeders
Lamb Feeders
Increase Windrowing Productivity and clean cut crops with the Jadan Vertical Knife Kit.
Jadan has designed a brand new haw handling machine that places one bale on top of the other as they exit the baler, ready for transportation or storage. 
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Tough, Reliable and Hardworking

As Cowra's specialists in hay handling systems, we manufacture and supply farming equipment that outperforms other brands. You can be assured that when it comes to being tough and reliable, and most importantly, hardworking, our systems will never let you down. This is precisely why so many farmers throughout Australia enjoy using our market leading hay handling equipment. 

Impeccable Quality

We combine over 20 years industry experience, outstanding design and top-grade materials to provide you with the most superior and cost-effective hay handling equipment. When it comes to quality, Jadan Enterprises will surpass your expectations on every level. For long-lasting farming systems and a faster return on your investment, you can always rely on us.

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