Hay Handling

Hay Handling Equipment

Jadan Enterprises specialises in manufacturing a vast range of hay handling equipment in Cowra to provide Australian farmers, contractors, produce stores and horse studs with a safer and easier way of collecting, stacking and transporting hay.

Along with big and small bale handling, the versatility and simplicity of Jadan Enterprises hay handling system ensures a streamlined process for any hay handler while providing safety in the workplace. Please take a look at the hay handling equipment that we have available and watch our videos to see our systems in action. 

Vertical Stacker

Jadan Verti Stacker

Big Bale Stacker

Big Bale Stacker

Big Bale Chaser


Small Bale Grab

Small Bale Grab

Bale Plunge Counter

Bale Plunge Counter


Grab & Accumulator

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Customers must now register any New Jadan Hay Handling machines online within 30 days of purchase in order to qualify for warranty.

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To check if your machine is already in our system, or if you are experiencing difficulties, Please call 1300 523 263.


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