Lamb Feeders

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    Lamb Feeders

    When it comes to feeding livestock, we have the right equipment to suit your sheep. Jadan Enterprises in Cowra is renowned for designing and manufacturing robust lamb feeders to keep your animals well fed. Ideal for feeding large groups quickly, you can also forget about clearing up spilt feed.

    Our lamb feeders are tough and built to last to withstand the constant use, making the lamb feeding process streamlined and easy. If you’re looking for lamb feeders that have been manufactured using premium quality materials in order to get a better return on your investment, you can trust Jadan Enterprises in Cowra to deliver.

    Jadan Guarantee:

    • 100% success with hay - no bridging
    • Feed 100 lambs for up to 3 days
    • Ease of use - can be carried when full
    • Increase daily intake - up to 20% better feed conversion rates than traditional feeders
    • Easy to fill - continual feeding inter-lock system
    • Competitive freight rates - flat-pack design
    For more information on our Lamb Feeders please call our friendly team in Cowra today on 1300 523 263 or send your enquiries via the contact form on this page. 

    Jadan Enterprises makes farming no sweat, so you can rest assured that our farming equipment is a leading investment.
    Lamb Feeders
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    Filling Feeders
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    Feeders in Paddock
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